One cold January 3rd, 2017 in morning about 10:45am, in the library with my son, I received a call from Washington which was for my son, I gave the phone to him and after he was done, he returned to me and said ,”I have good news.” He had received his first scholarship of $25000.00 for college tuition and it was a big surprise.

At the moment we were overjoyed and we started spending part of the money on clothing in mind. At that moment my son needed clothing urgently, and for me I was deadly broke. My business was stagnant, no sales, the only way I could survive was on some little savings left for gas and food. We were very naive for the fact that the money goes to the college and not in our hands, then two weeks after,  my son was invited to Washington by his scholarship  foundation with a plane ticket and Fairmont prestigious hotel booked for four nights in Washington D.C.

Aside all the happiness we were grieving over a long list of prospective clothing he should bring with him. I became sad and there was nothing to think off. One day my son came to me after school and said Mum don’t worry I can borrow clothing, I quickly rejected the idea and decided to go clothing shopping at the near by Goodwill store. To my surprise with just $50.00 in my hands we bought all the clothing, all brand new shirts and slightly used pants.

I was thrilled, being able to buy all my son needs, and with my personal shame i was just stunned.  Until then i had a change of mind and attitude towards shopping.  I quickly came back to my senses and all that I could think about were DEALS, DEALS, DEALS. I felt so much passion and I wanted to take this opportunity to share my passion with  people who needed to save money and get what they want and at the same time accomplish their goals.